When it comes to responding to the problem of autism, it is necessary to fill 3-year-olds in order to make a definite diagnosis and to determine that a child is precise autism, even if the autism is detected at 18 months in general. The impression of mothers and fathers on the child is extremely important in the diagnosis of autism. Mom and dad must constantly monitor the child. So, when autism begins and in what situations should parents suspect autism?

What are the Autism Symptoms

# To inform parents about what autism signs are so that they can observe the situation when it occurs, the following symptoms are considered heavy or light. Children with autism are at a loss for eye contact. Their ability to establish eye contact is limited or completely absent.

  • Autistic children are always irrelevant to the environment. They do not care about or react to their surroundings.
  • When a child with autism is addressed with a name, they do not look at it and do not react.
  • Autistic children are either too mobile or too mobile.
  • Some autistic children do not allow physical themes. You may have difficulty kissing or hugging them.
  • When they enter an atmosphere, they do not care for people or react to them, but inanimate beings attract more attention and interest.
  • They isolate themselves in such a social and emotional environment.
  • Autistic children do not point. When they have any need, they point out using adults’ hands.
  • Autistic children do not have the ability to imitate or are limited to more.
  • Most of the autistic children have not developed their speech skills.
  • Autistic children do not use these skills as a means of communication, even if their speech skills develop.
  • They are ecolalictics, the words are said to try to repeat like a parrot.
  • When pronouncing, pronouns they use are always reversed.
  • They make stresses that are not appropriate for standard speech and they speak mold phrases.
  • In general, autistic children use mechanical and monotone tone. They do not change their tone.

At the same time when we responded to the question of when Autism begins, we also informed parents that they should be very good observers in this process. A few of the autism symptoms were listed above.

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