There are various opinions about the root of behavioral disorders that are frequently seen in the life of autistic individuals. It is believed that autism has emerged with genetic influences on the assumption that it is a neurological disease. There are also a number of researchers who claim that autism emerges with a variety of nutritional and intestinal problems. Other than that, heavy metals are thought to trigger autism. What does autism mean? Autism can be cured? I would like to share what autism means to me.

What Autism Spectrum Means

# Autism is a behavioral disorder, usually seen in early childhood. It is common for autism to exhibit non-social behaviors. What autism means to me is the at autistic individuals often have problems communicating with other people since I have a boy with autism. Problems in communicating with their peers and their tendency to play games with their peers are typical of the illness.

Autistic individuals avoid avoiding eye contact. They do not play properly with their toys. There is an extreme concern for the returning objects. They exhibit continuous and repetitive behaviors. Autistic children who have reached the age of 2 also have the ability to avoid meaningful sentences of one or two words. Individuals with autism signs should be taken to a doctor’s office.

What is meant by autism, questions like how normal life affects can be asked. The social circles and educational lives are also affected because autistic individuals have problems completing their developmental stages. For this reason, it is imperative that the autistic individuals are given special education and are supported by auxiliary aids.

Auxiliary Tools for Autism

## There is an mobile application named Otsimo which works to support the development of autistic individuals. Otsimo is an application specifically designed to help autistic individuals to improve their self-learning skills by helping them with home schooling needs. Otsimo application is ad-free and free, and works reliably on android and iOS operating systems.

With our application you can find answers to your questions. You can try to apply what we like to say, how to improve autism, for satisfying answers. Thanks to this practice, which is a result of intensive research and development, the educational activities and learning activities of autistic children are supported. While our country is supported by autism-related foundations, parents can follow the development of their children, while children can continue their development.

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