Autism is called autism spectrum disorder which generally appears at the age of 3 years old and continues lifelong. Social interaction problems, verbal and non-verbal problems, repetitious behaviors, limited concerns are seen in autism which is a complex progressional disorder. If parents pay attention to simle signs, it is easily diagnosed and after diagnosis when experts apply a good rehabilitation to the baby, the affects of the disorder might be decreased significantly. In the period of the pregnancy folic acid usage decreases the developments of the autism risk highly. Nowadays one of 110 children are in the effect of this disorder and so many families are influenced by autism. Till in the middle of 21th century autism disorder hadn’t had even a name. autism-children

What Causes Autism?

The reasons of autism hasn’t been precisely discovered yet. There isn’t only one reason of autism. Nowadays it is know that autism has many reasons. The brain cells of autistic individuals work differently. Between brain cells the chemical transmitters have deficiency or surplus and some of the genetic illnesses are among the causes of autism .

Genetic Factors Play İmportant Role

Genetic factors plays an important role in the causes of autism. The studies on twins and relatives verify this important role. But studies shows that genetic is not the only reason of autism. If genetic is the only reason of autism both of all identical twins had autism when one of the twins has autism. But the state isn’t always like this.

Also Environmental Factors Are Effective

Also the studies show that environmental factors have a role in autism. Between prenatal and post-natal factors and autism, dramatical relations have been detected. Studies show that individuals have genetically tendency to autism have the risk of having problem at the period of birth highly. Additionaly it is known that at the period of pregnancy having rubella problem is effective on autism.

The Arise Of Autism With Rates

Nowadays it is absolutely known that the reason of autism isn’t because of only one factor. Autism is a disorder affected by more than one factor which is a reasonably complex problem.

Researchers agree that males are four times more likely to be autistic than females. Seventy percent of autistic individuals have mental retardation. Thirty percent of them are normal and ten percent of this rate has superior intelligence. Epilepsy, attention deficit disorders with hyperactivity or mood disorders are seen with autism commonly. One of three autistics have the epileptic risks. autism-1

The Symptoms Of Autism

-The eye contact is restricted

-They have restricted interests

-They don’t respond when you call their name

  • They might be hyperactive or stagnant

-Some of the autistic children don’t like physical contact

-They look like they live in their own world

-They don’t have imitation ability or this ability is restricted

-Speaking skill develops very slowly

-Even if they develop speaking skill, they don’t speak to communicate commonly

-They repeat what is said to them again and again

-Their pronoun usage skills are restricted

-They speak mechanically or with a monotonous voice tone

-They have order obsession

-They don’t play imaginary games or they continuously play the same games

But autism symptoms vary or a kid might have a few of these signs but another autistic kid might have all the symtoms. Generally autistic kids have difficulty in communicating with other kids and they like spinning toys or objects. And sometimes they look at spinning objects very carefully.