Autism is a type of spectrum disorder that begins in the early childhood period but goes on whole life time and impairs social interaction and communication. If you ask ‘ why is autism called a spectrum disorder ‘, answer is that autism disorder symptoms may vary form person to person and it may have different types. Autism causes restricted and repetitous acts and prevents the development of brain. autism-12

Has My Child Asperger Syndrome Or Autism?

When indications of asperger syndrome and autism disorder overlap, doctors might not make a distinction between these two problems. Asperger syndrome is also a kind of disorder features as a light type of autism when we compare it with normal sort of autism that has the pervasive developmental character. Autistic kids often look like they are in their own world and don’t like talking too much. But kids have asperger syndrome are more communicative than autistic kids and when they talk about their field of interests they may talk exceedingly. Then the dialog begins to be one-sided. In austism speking skills develops very very slowly but in asperger syndrome the beginnig of speking and speking is normal like other kids don’t have any social problems.

When Did Firstly Autism Name Begin To Be Used?

Nowadays autism problem is a common disorder which we hear its name too much. There has been an intensive interest in autism and autistic individulas for 20 years. As days pass, the technological developments continue and doctors discover the new aspects of these autistic kids. Because of the developments in medicine, the quality of autistic kids’ education is increasing. All these progresses day by day give hope to the parents have autistic kids. Autism firstly named by kid psychiatrist Leo Kanner in USA and he called this disorder as ‘Early Childhood Autism’. autistic-3

Which Symptoms Do Autistic Kids Have? Is My Kid Autistic?

Unfortunately we don’t have a particular psychiatric test which can diagnose autism disorder. It isn’t as easy as other disorders to make a diagnoses of autism. Psychiatrists listen what parents tell about their kids, they observe, evaluate the attitudes of the children and for psychiatrists to be able to diagnose autism, they often look for criterions listed below:

Disorders In Social Interaction (At Least Two Of These Symptoms Must Be Observed)

-The autistic kids have difficulty in social interaction. For instance autistic kids don’t like eye contact and their facial expressions, mimics and attitudes are dull.

-According to the kids’ level of development, the relations of autistic individuals with their peers are deficient in their social life.

-They show high resistance while normal kids like sharing their succeses

-They are reluctant sharing their achievements and special interests and they show resistance to communicate other people.

-Autism causes unwillingness to have social and emotional interaction. They don’t respond to other people like ordinary normal kids.

Psychiatrists might diagnose autism if they observe at least two symptoms among the problems listed above.

Communication Problems (At Least One Of These Symptoms Must Be Observed)

-Lateness of speaking skill development may be seen. In addition autistic kids don’t attempt to compensate this deficiency by the help of gestures.

-Autistic kids don’t try to begin conversation with their peers those have the ability of speaking

  • When a kid begins to talk with an autistic, autistic individual never continues talking and an insufficient attempt for continueing the chat is observed generally.

Experts might diagnose autism when they see at least one of these autism symptoms .

Not Playing Imaginary And Symbolic Games (At Least One Of These Signs Must Be Observed)

-According to the level of development, austic kids never play imitation based and social games or they never play spontaneous and imaginary games.

-Repetitive, restricted and stereotyped activities, behaviours and points of interest are observed.

-Austic kids like spinning toys and objects and they are interested in abnormal activities. For instance when austics see a working washing machine or an object spinning, they focus on them intensively longtime.

-Austic kids repeat insistently iterative movements, gestures and routines those don’t have a function or aim.

Experts might diagnose autism if they observe one of these autism symptoms .