Autism is a naturally occurring disorder caused by different processes of the brain and nervous system. Meaning of autism be introverted. Autistic children, experience social communication problems. autism--1


Autistic children do not play games that their age demands. They do not establish eye contact with the people they are in with communication.  They have features such as shaking, extreme mobility, giving different reactions. They can not adjust the height and tone of their voice when talking. They do not use face mimics too much while talking. Autistic individuals also have difficulty communicating with their own peers. Autistic children can themselves smile, cry, and be nervous. They may not react at all to what is happening around them. Sometimes this reaction may be a heavier reaction to the response of a normal individual. 


The language and speech characteristics of autistic children develop differently from those of normal individuals of the same age. An autistic child can start talking at a different age than normal. They are generally reluctant to talk, to express something. Verbal communication is different from normal. They have difficulty in dialogue with the people they want to with communicate. The contents of their speech are also different from normal. They have difficulty in establishing creative sentences. They describe what they want to tell differently than normal individuals. 


They give unusual reactions to sensations such as visuality, hearing, touch. They give abnormal reactions to the voices in their surroundings. Sometimes they are reacted intensely like never heard. They react too much to very small voices and can remain silent at very large noises. They are concerned with colored, moving objects and goods that will attract attention. They may be disturbed by light. They might like dark rooms for that. They may react abnormally to the light well like the reactions to the voices. Some children do not react to stimulation, which is to cold, hot and bitter. However, some children react more than necessary. They are insensitive to the dangers of their surroundings. That’s why families need attention. They can avoid being hugged or touched. Colors and shadows are quite difficult for them to distinguish.


Autistic children have an intelligence below the average intelligence level. However, it is a view accepted by most scientists that the autistic children can be at a high level of average intelligence in some subjects. They have high intelligence for some properties and have low intelligence for other properties, resulting in an unbalanced mind. They can memorize the songs they hear and keep the visuals they see in their minds. But what they know is hard to tell. They can solve very difficult physics and mathematics questions. But they can not show their other talents. Generally, autistic children show lower intelligence than a normal child. They store information that they learn. Visuality reminds them that they always learn what they hear. They can play a musical instrument they never learned. They can draw great pictures without knowing how to hold the pen. They can read without learning to speak.Like all these, autistic children can done amazing things too.