Autism is one of the types of developmental disorders called autistic spectrum disorders. Different regions of the brain of autism patients can’t work together. The cause of the disease is not fully determined, but is thought to be genetic. Some experts believe that environmental factors trigger the disease. 

 The most important symptom of autism can be called communication problems. Eye contact, expression, and body language skills, a lack of empathy are the symptoms of the disease. Learning not to learn to speak or late is an important problem. Because 40% of autistic people can’t talk.The symptoms of “Ecole” are another problem. It means that a person keeps repeating a word he hears. 


Autism In Society  Autism can be seen every society, race and family. Autism has nothing to do with child-rearing features or the economic situation of the family. Autism is the most common neurological disorder today and is seen in one out of every 150 people. People who can identify this disease are only specialists. The diagnosis of the disease can be made by specialists by performing the child’s developmental tests and asking parents questions about the child. Children’s mental health professionals and child neurologists are experts in this field. Your child is 1 year old and the disease can be diagnosed. Almost every state provides education support for children with autism. The earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better the development of your child can progress through education and communicate more. 

                  The diagnosis of autism, which was put in 1985 in one of every 2500 children, was 250 in 2001 and 88 in 2013. The risk of being seen in boys is several times higher than in girls. A study conducted by the autism and developmental Disabilities Monitoring network in the United States conducted by 8-year-olds living in different states. The study included autism, Asperger syndrome, and atypical autism. Initial findings were published in 2007 and studies are still ongoing. A total of 407.538 children were included in the study and 2585 were diagnosed with autism. In other words, according to the results, one out of every 150 children was diagnosed with autism.

In a UK study, 255 of 56,946 children aged 9-10 were diagnosed with autism and 1515 children were diagnosed with different symptoms. According to the research, one in 100 children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The results of the recent study showed a prevalence of 1 in 150, according to the results of Council of Exceptional children, up to 1 in 100. According to research by the United States government, an increase in autism diagnosis rates from 10 to 17 percent is detected. There are about 600,000 children with autism in Turkey.Although there are approximately 352,000 Autistic Children among 0-18 age groups in Turkey and the incidence of autism has increased rapidly, autism is not known enough among the population. You can get more detailed information about autism from institutions, etc.and you can have it checked.