In 1942 Donald Triplett became the first autism case. Donald’s Family: Mary and Beamon Triplett Caren Zucker and John Donvan illustrate the disappointment of Donald’s parents, Mary and Beamon Triplett, in their new book “As a Key: A Story of Autism”. His strange, distant behavior led him to decide his “desperately crazy”. Following the doctor’s instructions, they sent him to a premortaluma, an institution for children with medical problems. He was three years old when he got there and lived there for more than a year till he had a change in his parents’ heart. A child psychiatrist who promised to help his children, Dr. They found Leo Kanner.

Donald Triplett: Very first person diagnosed with autism

## In a letter to Beamon, he portrayed his son to the psychiatrist in the following way: “It seems that he was never satisfied with seeing his mother or father. It almost seems to have been pulled into its own shell and resurfaced in itself “. Four years later, Dr. Kanner sent his name to Triplett, including the phrase “autistic disorders of emotional communication.” The doctor examined 11 children with the same symptoms, and Donald Triplett was the first. Following Case 1 was the task of Zucker and Donvan who worked together years later on ABC News.

But Donald also learned to take care of himself. He still lives in the house where he grew up, graduated from high school and college, learned to drive at the age of 27, and worked at his family’s bank. At the same time a world traveler! Despite the adventures and independence, Donald’s autism remains significant. While the autistic people sometimes show that most of the interesting people they hear about others can not easily notice, Barnes says Donald is struggling when he comes to the ladies in the business bank. He says, “He’s pissing with his hand.” “He’s hugging, but his back is pitched.” Because of this interest and gift struggle, Barnes says, “I feel like I have something, and Donald does not know how to express it.”

Donald learnt to live with autism

## Donald continues to grow his whole life. “ According to what’s been said, this is a fun life. Don goes to church, visits a group of men to drink coffee, visits ladies in the bank every day, loves Wheel of Fortune (Brother says “Wheelie Hostel turns up to Vanna White”) and he sees the world literally. If his parents listened to the doctors’ instructions and left him at the gym, life developed further. About Oliver’s mother, “The agency realized that it was not a solution”. “He tried to find a good psychiatrist for him and found it. It’s a difficult decision. “ The book states in Donald’s high school year of 1953: “I wish my luck.” Your friend Barnes thinks your luck has come to him so much. Friend “Short answer for the question of whether or not it is a good life” Of course it says “it would be”. “He is in peace with himself and has anticipation from him.”