The distinctive feature of autism patients arises from problems they encounter in communicating. It is observed that the ability to communicate in early childhood in autistic individuals is not developing. For this reason, autism is diagnosed in children under 3 years of age. It will be appropriate to answer the question as to how autism starts, according to the precise statements. Autistic individuals have limited areas of interest, and some things are not constantly repetitive.

How Do You Know That Autism Starts

# The best way to understand if an individual is autistic is by examining their behavior. Some behavioral disorders in autistic individuals make it easier to diagnose for autism. How autism starts, questions are questions that can be understood during early childhood.

Some common symptoms are present in most of the autistic individuals. For example, if the parents are not able to point to objects with their finger or if they are 6 months old, if the parents are having difficulty in identifying, if they are not addressed with their name, if they are 2 years old, parents are advised to go to a doctor if they can not play appropriate games. .

Of course, the underlying cause of every behavioral disorder is not autism. Although not all children with behavioral disorders are autism-related, it is possible to recognize the diagnosis early and achieve high success with early diagnosis. Parents can begin treatment of their disease in early stages of development by following this indication in children under three years of age.

Auxiliary Tools in the Education of Autistic Patients

## Our Otsimo practice is an application prepared considering the educational needs of autistic individuals. Our practice is completely free and aims to contribute to the educational life of autistic individuals. It has been prepared with the aim of assisting the school courses of our patients who have been prepared after a long research and development period and it is arranged in accordance with the applied behavior analysis.

You will have the opportunity to study at home with our application, where you can find answers to questions like how autism starts and when autism begins. Otsimo earns parents time because it allows children to play and get their pictures. Otsimo child and otsimo family, we aim to help both parents to follow the development of children and to develop through the practice of children. Detailed information is available at