Autism is an early-onset disease that is thought to have inherited roots. The effects of this disease usually arise as behavioral disorders. This disease, which is also mixed with Asperger syndrome, is seen earlier than the asperger syndrome. Based on the facts, autism is answered in the question of how autism is diagnosed. Behavioral disorders are often seen in autism statements.

What are common symptoms of Autism?

# Common signs of autism can be observed before 3 years of age. Autism can be diagnosed by looking at the statement before 3 years of age. The stages of development of autistic individuals are seen to be limbo. They cannot communicate adequately with the circles of the individual due to these facilities. Some behavioral disorders are common in autism. how autism is diagnosed can be answered by looking at the question.

Autistic individuals often avoid eye contact. They do not really care about their surroundings, they avoid play with their peers. They cannot use gestures and gestures when expressing themselves. An individual with 6 months of autism experiences difficulty in recognizing his or her parents. It has continuous and repetitive movements. They repeat these movements without boredom. When they reach 2 years old they have difficulty in making meaningful and simple sentences.

Autism is a disease caused by behavioral disorders, affecting the individual’s whole life. Progress can be made with various techniques for correcting the behavior of the individual. Autistic individuals may exhibit behaviors like their normal peers by taking the necessary trainings. Psychological therapy and neurofeedback are used in otitis media treatment. With these methods, a significant improvement in the individual can be seen.

Mobile Applications and Autism Therapy

## We designed the Otsimo application for you so that the autistic individuals can participate more effectively in normal life. how autism is diagnosed, how effective mobile treatment is in the treatment of autism, and get an effective response to our questions.

Our practice has been grouped under two main headings and it is aimed that Otsimo children and autistic children should accelerate their development so that they follow the development of Otsimo Family and their children’s parents. Our apps that can run on Android and iOS platforms are free and do not have any ads. Thanks to the Otsimo practice we have prepared, autistic individuals can be more successful in their educational life and develop social communication skills. Detailed information is available at

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