Autism is a disease that is manifested in early childhood and results in autism isolating itself from the outside world. The main indicator of autism is the lack of eye contact, the lack of participation in the games of peers, the difficulties in communication, the repetition of meaningless communication. If your child has one or several of these symptoms, you cannot say that there is autism, but if you have such a doubt, it is useful to see a doctor. How autism is caused is a question that cannot be given a definite answer.

Autism and Symptoms

# Although there is no exact diagnosis about the origin of autism, the common belief is that it is genetic in origin. But it is not known which genetics triggers autism. In addition to this, there are also contributors to the environmental factors in order to determine what causes autism. There are also different opinions about autism treatment. Some scientists claim that autism is a definitive treatment, but according to many scholars, autism has no definitive treatment and result regarding how autism is caused. However, it is possible to involve autistic individuals in the community and reduce the effects of the disease through various activities and applications.

Support Your Children Against Autismo With Otsimo

## Although it is not a clear answer to what causes autisim, it is possible for autistic patients to be included in daily life in various ways. Our Otsimo practice is also such an exercise, in which there are a variety of activities that the autistic individuals will play and games to play with pleasure. Otsimo and autistic individuals can be included in the integration training.

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