In addition to therapies and treatments in the education of autistic individuals, homeschool methods in autism is also a correct application at the point of providing complete continuity in education. Applying only therapies and treatment modalities and not applying the training modules for the autistic individuals in the home environment can lead to certain deficiencies and confusion. For this reason, educational programs can be implemented in homeschool plans to gain practicality in places such as learning and conception of autistic individuals. For the implementation of homeschool program in the education of autistic children, the family must first be sensitive to this issue. The family needs to be encouraged and skill-taught with activities that the child likes. Short-term activities on a daily basis provide the child with skills.

Homeschool Education and Implementation in Autism

# Apart from the skills training applications of autistic individuals, homeschool education methods in autism should be used in different applications. In order to ensure the concentration, which is one of the most important factors in this point, all the materials that will distract attention of the autistic individuals in the training environment should be separated from the environment. However, care must be taken in this point as excessive changes in the environment may cause autistic individuals to feel uncomfortable. Training applications include skills training as well as cohesion training. Mainstream education can be provided in educational institutions in general with the parents of autistic children. In general, visual and written text based trainings can be applied to increase the concentration of autistic children in the home environment. Thanks to these trainings, it is possible to increase the concentration.

The Importance of Communication in Home Education Methods in Autism

## Being aware of certain points that autistic individuals are sensitive at the point of communicating, home-based education methods can be used in autism. Especially autistic children who are sensitive to points such as touching and loud approaching have difficulty communicating at the point where these conditions exist in their training modules. One of the methods that can be used at this point is the Replicated Teaching model to improve the communication of autistic individuals. In this teaching model, certain skills need to be developed to communicate with children and to initiate conversations. In the method, various phrases and phrases are used with certain voiced and written words. The aim is to allow children to imitate and read these given lines.