Autistic children are weak about socialization. The reason for this is that they shut themselves against the outside world. Autism can be diagnosed at the age of 2.5 or 3 years. As children begin to age, autism can also occur at younger ages. When a child is diagnosed at age, it is possible to progress with special education given at a young age. However, there is no definitive treatment for autism. The genetic disorders of the autism mother that starts at a young age can result. The autistic disorder that occurs at a young age can also be caused by environmental factors along with the genetic background. Autism is a condition that should be educated. They need to be trained specially. Because they are difficult to train in normal schools, free education with tablets is provided in advance. Children with autism who have free education at home with tablets can easily receive training in integration schools.

Life is easier with Otismo

# Autistic children are advised to begin training at a young age. They need to practice speaking in order to be able to socialize. First of all, it is necessary to give lessons focused on communication and language education. They have trouble focusing. Therefore, new software is developed on tablet computers and it is aimed to improve the education, language and focus of autistic children. Otsimo offers autism free training for autistic children. Tablet gives the necessary education with home applications and software. Thus, at home and on the tablet, with the applications on the computer, they are training for a longer time. With special applications on language education, it is aimed to progress the language development of the autistic child.

Prepare for Public Schools with Otismo

## Otsimo prepares autistic children before they go to public schools. EBA training is carried out comfortably at home, thanks to the applications loaded on the tablets, before they go out and go to the mainstreaming schools. In the Otsimo site, you can find everything you need for autism. Free training is provided and there are no purchases in applications such as games. Totally free training is provided. In addition, while autistic children receive training in the educational setting, they need a teacher. While they are being directed outside of education, they definitely need one. Children with autism who use otsimoy are able to use practices without needing anybody. On this count, they also save time for their families. Autism is a condition that prevents the individual from meeting his / her needs. It limits the person from the physical and mental side. Autism should therefore be improved by treatment. It has brought sensitivity to people in terms of collecting. If you want to take advantage of this free training, you can get information by visiting

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