Autism is a relatively new disorder, which is becoming more common. Its exact causes and methods of treatment are still a mystery. Experts believe that autism is the result of neurological disorders that affect the functioning of the brain, development, communication and social interaction skills. In other words, it is a disease of the nervous system. autism-

What Problems People With Autism Have?

People with autism have problems in communicating and understanding other people and what is happening. The ability to instinctively sympathize with others is much weaker than that of ordinary people. This is the main reason why they often look insensitive. They find it hard to understand jokes and sarcasm. Sometimes they take the settled expressions literally. Some people with autism are also finding hard time to talk. They often just repeat what they heard (echolalia).

Doing Things Not Accepted In Society

They are poorly versed in generally accepted rules and local etiquette. They can do things that are not accepted in society. For example, a long time to stand in front of a mirror in a store or approach a person too close. Autism deprives them of the concept of the dangers of certain actions. It is also difficult for them to predict the results of some actions.

Understanding The World Around

For people with autism, the world seems to be a chaos, in which it is very difficult to understand. Therefore, they are afraid of him and try to less contact with others. Due to the fact that the world becomes unpredictable, the only way out is routine. People with autism often repeat the same movements or actions. For example, a child with autism can for ten minutes (or even more) jump from one corner of the room to another.

Changes Lead To Bad Feelings

A new event that interrupts a worked out mechanism can lead to a general malfunction. Even the idea of change itself can lead to bad feelings. For example, if a person with autism walks on the same road to the store, then the blocked road can put him in a dead end, and he just returns back home. Autism--

Loud Sounds Are Distracting

A person with autism, as a rule, finds sudden loud sounds unpleasant or shocking. The same can happen with some smells, temperature or light. Many believe that this is the result of unforeseen changes. Therefore, if a person with autism knows about previous changes, he copes better with them.

Development In Different Areas

A child with autism in different areas can develop in different ways. For example, his cognitive skills can develop rapidly, while social interaction and speech significantly lag behind. A child with autism, unlike peers, can not catch the ball thrown to him, but he knows far more words. Autism hinders harmonious development.

Having High Intelligence

There is also a form of autism, called Asperger’s syndrome. In this state, people tend to have intelligence above the norm, but they have certain difficulties in understanding and understanding speech. As a result, they become closed.