Autism applications are emerging as an application that contributes to the integration and improvement processes of autistic children. It is necessary to focus on education of autistic children carefully. This is because it is possible to see a marked decrease in the signs of autism in this count. In this respect, education of autistic children is being developed for therapy and treatment. The importance of autism applications in solving basic problems such as learning or comprehension is much greater. For this reason, there has recently been a strong interest in autism applications. Thanks to this interest, autism practices are constantly being improved. This situation brings significant gains in terms of individuals with autism.

Autism Applications and Education of Autistic Children

# Autism applications are practices that are used effectively in the education of autistic children. In this respect, a training program is developed specifically for children with autism. These educational programs, which are applied to children with autism, are positively affecting their personal and social development. Autism education is based on various stages. At this point, the general profile of the autistic child needs to be removed. According to the general profile extraction results, it is decided whether or not the autistic children will be educated with their peers. The process of educating children with autism attracts attention as a very important process. In this context, the process of educating children with autism should always be a reflection of individual education. It is possible to say that all this information is in the light of the fact that the autistic children have a special education program and that the education processes of the autistic children are based on individual education.

Autism Practices and Family Education

## Autism applications should be informative about all of the family members. At this point the family needs to be included in the child’s education process as part of the autism applications. It is anticipated that the family is an important achievement in finding things and activities that the child enjoys making. In this context, the public should focus on the activities the child likes in the educational process and encourage their education. It is also known that a family can gain children skills by taking short activities that last for 5 minutes or even 2 or 3 times a day. In this direction, it is important to find and implement activities that will attract the attention of the child.