The use of technology and training methods in autism to achieve concentration in the education of children with autism can produce much more positive results. Concentration is one of the most important deficiencies in autistic individuals, so concentration needs to be gained through training modules. At the point of concentration, the problems encountered in children during the trainings applied in children are to learn objects and concepts. Care must be taken to study concentration in education in order to gain this skill. At this point, touch devices, which are a very big technology today, provide a great benefit for children with autism. Intelligent devices that benefit all people at the point of attention make it possible for autistic children to increase concentration and make skill training easier.

Education With Intelligent Devices And Technology In Autism

# Intelligent devices that feel the need to use everywhere in people’s lives also provide a great benefit in the application of technology and training methods in autism. Intelligent devices are of great benefit at the point of regularly monitoring their education, managing communication programs, identifying incompleteness and creating substitutes, especially by autistic children’s families. Intelligent devices that have the ability to connect to the internet quickly and at any time and everywhere are important points as a device that autistic children can use individually to keep their lives alive. The use of tablets at the point of visual training provides the development of a method of mapping in autistic children. The matching method is performed for children with autism over tablets with games such as visual and object matching games that even normal people are playing on the phone.

Communication in Technology and Training Modules in Autism

## Technology and training methods are used in autism in order to provide the place of communication in the acquisition of skills of autistic children. Visual support and accessibility programs, especially through intelligent devices in children, enable autistic children to develop communication concepts. Children who acquire basic skills at the point of communication and are prone to develop language skills may exhibit a more positive attitude in the family and in the educational institutions they are in. In this way, it is possible to work more easily in concentration training and it is possible to get much more efficient results in treatment methods.