What rules should be adhered to the families of autistic children so that it can develop and function normally in society?

 Children with autism need to communicate even more than their peers are healthy. Families with a child with autism are always special, as a lot of physical and psychological stress falls on all family members. First of all, one adult family member (most often a mother) must stay with the child all the time to provide him with proper care and to be able to constantly engage in socialization and development. autism-9

What Are The Rules Of Life With An Autistic Child?

Activities With The Autist 

To ensure that a child with autism can function normally in the community, it is necessary to constantly work with him. The child’s education program should be designed by a specialist so that the child can do what he really enjoys and cares, and parents can help him cope with the training that will help the child to prove himself in later life. Many autistics, with whom they persevered in childhood, later became successful programmers, artists, writers. 

A Clear Regime Of The Day

To a child with autism, he can normally feel, it is necessary to make for him a clear regime of the day. Then take a closer look at whether the child will be able to follow this regime, and correct it. It must be borne in mind that autistic children are sensitive to even the slightest changes not only in the daily routine, but even in the arrangement of things. Therefore, you should minimize any changes in the daily routine in the future. ,

Do Not Interrupt Employment

All family life should be subordinated to the need for regular classes with the child. Classes should not be interrupted for any reason, you can slightly shorten, in case of emergency, but not interrupt. Progress is achieved by hard and constant labor, but regression occurs quickly. If there is an opportunity to attend a correctional school, where, in addition to special sessions with teachers and psychologists, you can communicate with other kids and their families - it’s good, as it gives an incentive not only to the child, but also to the parents. autism-autism-3

Communicating With An Autistic Child

As you know, autistic children can not endure touch, but for the development of the child’s psyche they are simply necessary, so a light massage before bedtime can help.  At the time of conception, the risk of developing autism in a child depends on the child. Such a child needs to communicate as much as possible, although the behavior and the detached view can create an impression that the child does not want communication at all. However, remember that autistic children need to communicate even more than healthy peers. But we note that their peculiarity is the need for periodic seclusion, so sometimes let the child be alone with them. Arrange for the child a place where he can be alone, and nobody will touch him.

Food Intolerance

Children with autism are often prone to intolerance to certain foods. Therefore, often children with autism are recommended a special diet with a restriction of products rich in casein and gluten, as well as sweet. However, watch the child to determine which foods he has a negative reaction to. Perhaps for him to develop another diet. In any case, it is worth giving a child multivitamins. Following these rules of life with a child suffering from autism, you can help him and yourself to cope with the difficult task of socialization of the child, and also contribute to his psychological development.