Autism is a disease that occurs in early childhood and is not a definitive treatment. Scientists see the cause of autism genetically, but a diagnosis of autism has not been established. In the treatment of the autism disorder seen in children before 3 years of age, various medications can be used as well as education for people choosing autism without medication. Some medicines are used in treatment with medication. The names of medicines used in autism are various while autism without medication is also an option.

Autism and Treatment

# The names of medicines used in autism are not medications to treat the disease but they are used with the purpose of repressing behavior like anger anxiety which is caused by the disease. These drugs also have some side effects, and even some of the side effects of autism medications in autistic individuals are different from other people. Risperdal is used to suppress aggression or anger attacks of autistic individuals. Tegratol is used for fainting seizures during autism.

Use of Tablets for Autism Treatment

## The number of medicines used in autism is higher, and only medicines are used to increase the quality of life of autistic individuals. In addition, a variety of activities and games are designed to create changes in the behavior of autistic individuals choosing autism without medication. Otsimo practice is also such an application and it contains games and activities that families can safely recommend for their children. This game, which is prepared to help the individual to cooperate in the process of autism therapy, includes games and activities according to the age of your child.

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