As is known, a number of troubles arise in autism, which is usually recognized around 12 to 18 months, so that the difficulties of speaking in autism are perhaps the first. Families Autism will my child speak? Autism manifests itself with some symptoms, mostly due to the influence of genetic factors, and is diagnosed by professional physicians after the parents have noticed this condition in their children. Speaking disorders are among the most striking features. With age starting to progress, a child with autism cannot fulfill a whole set of mental skills. In some autistic patients, children can not form words properly even though their age has progressed.

Autism will my child speak? Speaking Difficulties in Autism

# Speaking difficulties in autism, which negatively affect families considering autism will my child speak and children’s ability to communicate, may be noticeable from 3 or 4 years of age. Established words are not pronounced properly. In addition, the child repeatedly repeats the same expression, which is called echolalic speech. Some of the gestures and mimics during the child’s talk may be very exaggerated and repeated. Also, according to his age, he can not adjust the sound tone to a very high quality and smooth. A communication that has been initiated can be cut off and the child may prefer to be silent. In addition, some vocabulary and expressions designed by the child in his or her own mind and unrecognizable in real life gain sound value.

Suggested Solutions for your autistic child to speak

## Linguistic knowledge, not only in terms of speaking, but also in imaginative terms, is a factor that directly affects the child’s communication. Incorrect use of voice or inability to correctly identify pronouns gradually leads the child to day-to-day abstracting. Thus, in the sense of socialization, troubles also arise, which is at the beginning of the greatest danger. Within the new therapies, some solutions to speech disorders are sought. These methods, called language therapy or speech therapy, are tried to improve the oral motor skills of the child and decrease to number of families who are concerning as autism will my child speak.

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