The choice of play and toys with autistic children is different compared to other children. Along with different expectations and needs of each child, it is even more important to include in the game the activities that the autistic children are attracted to enjoying. For this reason, we would like to share with you some autism toys and useful selection methods.

Autism Toys Selection

# Teaching playing games with autism toys instead of self-motivated behavior seen in autistic children should be one of your goals. To do this, you have to choose autism toys that are appropriate for reducing unacceptable self-motivating behavior in society. In order for your child’s sensory motivations to be identified, observe what kind of self-motivating behaviors they have, and take notes to determine the appropriate autism toys.

Visual Stimulation via Autism Toys

## The autistic child looks at the lights, attaches his eyes to the rotating objects, examines his hands, brings his fingers in front of his eyes and plays them. To reduce the need for visual stimuli, hand lamps, rotating lamps, wheels, hourglasses, magnetic beads, light bars, light guns, writing pens, binoculars and dryable toys. It is suitable to take such autism toys.

Auditory Toys

### The songs try to vocalize, vocalize, mumbling, singing. The chuckle is on the mirror and clicks on the fingers. Choose autism toys that sound to change the audible warnings. For example, whistles, bells, talking toys, radio, toy piano, music boxes, autism toys that sound when they are depressed or pulled, hair dryers, and so on. available.

The child caresses her own body, pinches herself, puts her finger in her mouth, and buckles her hands. For such children, breathable musical instruments such as puppets, fish, horns and flutes can be used.

A majority of these autism toys will become the most favorite toy to enjoy and see as soon as the child sees it, he will always want to play with the same toy. Therefore, it will be necessary to encourage the child to play with other autism toys. If the child is very connected to any of these autism toys, then you can also use it as a reward in this gaming skill instruction. For example, you can reward him / her with his / her favorite (player) toy character since he is seated for the duration of an event.