There are many educational sets and books available for children with autism in the world and in our country, and a lot of information can be shared especially about the autism with speech delay. In otsimo practice on learning about autism and providing education for children with autism syndrome, there are quite good activities and practices for the education of children with autism with speech delay. This application, which will be provided free of charge, allows children with autism syndrome to enter and use these tablets with their tablets. Long term focus can be achieved in children with autism with speech difficulty, which is particularly difficult to focus on, and this is a very good situation for children and their parents.

How to Overcome Autism with Speech Delay

# In many cases autism with speech delay, finding the right education is a serious problem, and speech difficulties in autism are one of the most problematic issues. Progress can be recorded in this issue with researches on autism with speech delay and researches on people who have to live with this problem. There are some techniques and trainings that can be applied to improve speechdelay especially in children. It is necessary to obtain information about autism with speech delay and to educate parents and autistic children on this subject and maintain their lives according to this situation. It is known that the work to be done for the speech can be attained and talked to in a certain extent.

How to Provide Language Training for Autism with Speech Delay?

## A child having autism with speech delay may have difficulty speaking and may be trained to address speech difficulties in autism. Generally speaking, speaking with special language training from the childhood period can be done in a normal way, and later with these trainings, speaking difficulties can be eliminated. In these matters special techniques need to be applied in order to speak with the children and use their language. Language education is also different in children and people with autism with speech delay whose thinking systems and behaviors are not asymptomatic. There are different techniques that can be applied in this regard. In order to overcome the difficulties of speaking in different levels, appropriate techniques can be applied within these techniques and parents can overcome the difficulty of speaking with these techniques.