Once a child is diagnosed with autism, he or she should proceed to the step of determining the special education program needed for the child’s development. The way to eliminate the signs of autism is intense and continuous education. The autism schools near that will be chosen in the early stages is very important for this education, which all the autistic children must see.

Autism Schools Near

# After one-year educational plan is prepared in autism schools near, the educational plan of the child is continuously monitored by the autism school every year. In this program, it is stated that it would be beneficial to educate the child in which educational environment.

The trainings given in the Applied Behavior Analysis are given for the disappearance of the child’s most basic symptoms. According to this, the behavior desired to be reduced in the child is determined and trainings are given in line with this target behavior.

Education of children in autism schools near is most effective at lowering the signs of autism. Options for placement in schools within educational planning for autistic children include:

  • Inclusion: The education for children who need special education should be given to the state or private autism schools near where the normal development children are present. According to this, the children who are diagnosed with autism are getting integrated education in preschool, primary education or secondary education institutions.
  • Special Education Class: A class which is opened to public or private schools and is given to children who require special education.
  • Autism Children’s Education Center: Centers for autistic students who are in the age of compulsory education but who can not attend regular primary schools.
  • Job Training Center for Children with Autism: It is a center for children with autism who have completed primary education and are unable to attend vocational high school and have not attained the age of 21 years.

Educational Practices aligned with Autism Schools Near

## The placement of autistic children in educational institutions may take a long time. In order to be able to get autistic children who are showing very serious symptoms to autism schools near, it is necessary to minimize these symptoms. This is possible with a training program to be implemented at home.

The Otsimo application has been developed for families with little knowledge of home teaching. In Otsimo practice, children are trained in educational games within the context of Applied Behavior Analysis, helping children to go to public schools. The free downloadable Otsimo application is accessible from tablet computers or from phones.