A new scientific study is believed to contribute to new treatment approaches in neurological problems. Although the study is not specific to autism, I found it appropriate to share it with you, as autism with psychosis has an important part in autism.

Scientists were aware that there was a link between autism with psychosis that lasted for over 100 years. However, over the past decade, scientists have become better able to understand the mechanism of the immune system as a result of the work done.

Research for Autism with Psychosis

# Research published in The Journal Biological Psychiatry will make it easier to understand the biology of psychiatric and neurological diseases. (Every patient is self-conscious, although my son is immune to experience with encephalitis.) We all know that antibodies are the body’s defense against bacterial and viral infections. However, in some people, these antibodies also attack healthy cells and cause autoimmune diseases to occur.

The authors of the new study reported that they found differences between a group of children with autism and psychosis, and healthy children. There is an antibody response at the Dopamine D2 receptor or N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) glutamate receptor in a subgroup of children who are psychotic by work.

Receptors associated with Autism and Psychosis

## Both of these receptors have been associated with psychosis. In fact, psychiatrists generally preferred to manage perception changes, delusions and scattered thought processes by stimulating dopamine D2 receptors or blocking NMDA receptors. Over the past decade, similar investigations have begun to suggest that antibodies are caused by and attacked by NMDA receptors. The response of antibodies to the anti-NMDA receptor has begun to be considered to be responsible for sometimes misdiagnosed acute psychiatric manifestations as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, including encephalitis, psychosis.

Opinions of Researchers about Autism with Psychosis

### Sydney, Australia Westmead Hospital, President of the Children’s Neuroimmunology Group Dr Fabienne Brilot, “We detected autoimmunity in a group of children with acute psychosis.” Dr Brilot; “The data obtained in this study show that better interventions are possible for the subset of children experiencing acute psychosis and give hope”. Scientists like Dr John Krystal “The detection of why some children develop autoimmunity is also necessary. In the autoimmune response, the effect of the genetic background is also possible. “