Autism is a disease that occurs on the brain and affects one’s entire life throughout life. It is a disease that usually manifests itself in younger ages. If your child is acting differently according to his / her age, you can contact health care providers. It is a highly complex neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs in the early years of birth or after birth. This disease affects the brain’s working system and causes disorders on the nervous system. Although it is not known what the cause of hypnosis is, it is known to be a hereditary basis. Although this hereditary problem is not known, it is not yet known which gene or genes cause it. It is known that it can originate from external factors besides inheritance. There is still quite a lot of work to be done in this regard.

How Autism Education Conditions Affect Development

# There is no question that children of autism have grown up in which economic and social environment they have grown up. This shows us that otism is a disease that can be seen in every condition, everywhere in the world. Autism is the most confused neurodevelopmental disease. And this disease is growing more and more. In the past years, the prevalence of the disease has increased while the incidence of 1 in 500 children is relatively low. According to an independent study conducted in 2006, this disease, seen in 1 in 150 children, is seen in one of 68 children according to 2014 data. The disease has been emphasized all over the world with these studies that can be seen in all people. When looked at gender-based, boys were seen more frequently than girls.

Education and Preference in Autism

## Although children with autism do not experience high intelligence, there are children with normal intelligence and rarely intelligence. These children, who usually have difficulty in learning, need good care. These people express their feelings of being unable to look and stay stable for a long period of time while establishing relationships and maintaining existing relationships, speaking or communicating.