When we talk about autism in the society, we encounter some common questions. Among them, the most interesting thing in my opinion is the question about the autistic children: “Are the autistic people so smart?” “Do children with autism have high IQ?”

Common Misconceptions about Autism and High IQ

# One of the misconceptions in autism-related societies is the belief that a child with autism with high iq.Because, as it is in many things, this subject is talked about among the speeches, films are exaggerated. Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that emerges from the first two years of life. Autistic individuals generally have delays in language development, difficulty in understanding social relationships, closure of sensory responses, imbalance in mental functioning, and efficacy and limitations. Each of these situations can be seen at different levels in some children.

Autism and Mind Barrier

## Although a majority of autistic children have different levels of mental retardation, there are also children with autism with high IQ. However, regardless of their level of general intelligence, autistic children have a common challenge in perceiving the world around them. In fact, every autism is a diagnosis on its own, all of which are different, and we often do not have any autism gifted, as it often brings with it the mind barrier.

Special Traits of People with Autism

### That does not mean there is no gifted autistic individual. As we have already mentioned, there are also normal or gifted autistic individuals. Like, Stephen Wiltshire, a British artist with autism, drawing cities from skyline by his memory; or strong long-term memory skills, math, computer, musical, artistic skills and thinking in a visual way… However, this rate is low compared to the cases autism with High IQ.

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