The autism statement occurs early on. Early signs of disease can be intervened early by detecting the symptoms that occur before three years of age. Autism is a disorder seen in the developmental stages and early diagnosis is important in terms of eliminating the stress in the stages of development and tracking the individual’s normal developmental stages. The earlier the onset of autism treatment, the more beneficial the results are. Questions such as how to beat autism, and whether can autism be completely cured is frequently asked by parents with autistic children.

Can autism be completely cured?

# There are different opinions about whether otitis is a definitive treatment. For example, it is said that some cases have achieved a hundred percent success, but such examples are considered limited. In addition, it is known that behavioral disorders can be eliminated at a great rate in the treatment of autistic individuals.

Can autism be completely cured is an important question. Specific methods for treatment of autism include: psychiatric autism treatment, gluten-casein treatment, heavy metal removal, neuro-feedback.

Since autism is a neurological disease, psychiatric treatment methods can be applied at first stage. Behavioral disorders of patients can be relieved by psychiatric treatment methods because the behavioral disturbances of autistic individuals trigger the progress of the disease.

Another method used for the question of can autism be completely cured in autistic treatment is gluten casein treatment. The main reason for this treatment method is that it is seen as gluten and casein as the cause of autism. The treatment of the disease focuses on the treatment of these two diseases.

Autism and Otsimo

## You can contribute to the development of your autistic children with Otsimo application, which our company has prepared. Otsimo is a mobile application designed to answer questions about how autism is eaten.

The games included in our mobile application for use in the tablets of autistic individuals are prepared in accordance with applied behavior analysis. The otsimo family and the parents in the application can see the progress of their children as periodical reports. In addition, the otsimo children’s title and autistic individuals show a better development with various games, matching cards and activities.

Otsimo, an ad-free mobile application, was created as a result of a long research and development process. Parents can gain time with this practice, which allows children to get their educational needs at home.

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