Speech therapy is how you need to be knowledgeable about speech therapy methods to be able to answer your problem. For speech therapy methods, you can follow the information below.

Speech therapy is a method used for stuttering patients. There are two different methods used in stuttering patients. These methods vary according to the age of the patient. For patients who are younger for stuttering, the method known as Lidcomb is used. Another method used for stuttering is to shape the flow. In the case of patients who are treated with the Lidcomb method, the family should repeat what the therapist has done at home. In order to shape the fluency, the breath coordination involved in the child’s speech is organized, a soft start is made and the transitions between the words are rearranged to teach the child how to hang on to the child and to minimize the repetition.

Speech Therapy Methods where autism can’t speak

# Speech therapy is also used in children with articulation disorders. When it is investigated what the articulation disorder is, it is called children’s inability or inability to say some voices. In speech therapy, the first step for these children is to teach and remove voices that can not be heard by the child. In this process, speech therapists benefit from materials such as abeslang, gloves, mirror, while helping to make sounds. Once you start to learn the sounds that the child can not or can not use, you can use this sound in words, and the child will be able to reinforce this voice by using methods such as chatting, reading books,

Delayed language in autism means that a child’s speech by age is less developed than it should have developed. Such children have difficulty expressing themselves. In such children, the therapist does not only do therapy with the child, but also treats the child’s family with therapy. Everything done and taught to the child during therapy must be repeated at home by the parents. Otherwise it can be quickly forgotten and the child may have to repeat himself.

Result of the examples of Speech Therapy

## We have gone through two examples of how speech therapy can be done. However, in patients with different types of speech impairment, this situation will vary and the method of therapy implementation will change.

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