Once I realize there is not much of autism canada statistics, I made a research for my autistic brother. Because I know how hard it is to find information about autism and canada, I would like to share some information and numbers from the result of my research.

Autism Canada Statistics

# Autism is about community and support. That’s why, it is important to see which province has the most support groups to understand autism canada statistics. Here is the list of autism support group numbers per province in Canada:

Ontario 88 Alberta 76 British Columbia 55 Manitoba 32 Quebec 27

Autism education expenses in Canada

## The second most important information regarding autism canada statistics is cost of autism education expenses. We can assume that it is similar to the living expenses because other information about education centers are considered classified. Education follow similar path as other costs. That’s why, we can take that as fundamental. Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador are the cheapest provinces regarding that autism canada statistics. Free autism education is also mostly preferred in those areas.

Number of children with autism in canada

## The last thing to consider is the density of children with autism in Canada. The importance is coming from the fact that the number of children with autism also mean there is more autism awareness and possibly more investment for autism in those provinces. Because of the child protection laws in Canada, it is not possible to find the numbers but as a rough estimate, Ontario and Alberta have probably the most number of children having autism.

Although I don’t live in there, with looking at the results of autism canada statistics, Alberta would be the most rational chance for a family looking for a place to live with their autistic children.

As I find more about autism canada statistics, I will keep update this post. If you have any information other than this, please share with all of us as making comments.