Autism is a complex developmental disorder that begins during infancy and complicates social interaction throughout its entire life. It can be diagnosed more easily until the age of 3.The early diagnosis of the disease can significantly be reduced with the effects of rehabilitation programs.For example, the use of folic acid during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of autism.  autism-1


Symptoms such as inability to establish a social relationship, inability to use the language for communication, repetitive behaviors are the main features of autism at first stage. If your baby has autism, he or she may not have eye contact with you and may not respond to your voice. They usually don’t smile, they don’t hug, and they act like they don’t hear you. They can watch something spinning for hours. Autistic Children do not need to communicate by talking because they do not understand what is talked. 

The symptoms and severity of autism vary from person to person. Symptoms may be mild, sometimes severe, and may be varied from time to time. People with autism cannot easily adapt to environmental changes and differences. Some patients can experience medical problems such as sleep problems and seizures. Autism spectrum disorders can be divided into three categories ;

Communication Problems : Autism is a disease that prevents the development of a person, and therefore there are problems in speech and understanding. Some autistic people may repeat the words they hear frequently, while some autistic people may not speak at all.

Challanges To People and Events : Eye contact, difficulty in facial expressions, inability to make friends are the obvious problems of the disease.

Repetitive Body Movements or Behavior : Repetitive sounds, hand flapping, or repetitive expressions may indicate the brain’s mainological problems. 


 If you are concerned that your baby does not develop normally, you should consult a specialist. Early diagnosis will affect your child and your entire life. Despite all the problems, some Autistic Children may have superior skills in music, mathematics, and art. 

The most important thing families have to do is learn about their children. Parents should regularly check their children’s health, spend time with them, and know their children well. Having a child with autism affects the whole family, so you should spend time with your family frequently. Parents with Autistic Children should communicate more clearly with their children. Parents should teach their children to make choices. Parents should examine their children and take precautions when unwanted behavior occurs. Children with autism are more sensitive to sounds and can hear the smells you don’t feel. Families should help them with socialization, carefully include them into society. 

You have to look at autism as a difference, not as a deficiency. Their detailed viewpoints, their phenomenal focus capabilities, show that their brains are perhaps more developed. In the process of educational evaluation and diagnosis, all the characteristics and skills of your child are determined. What you have to do is to be with your child.