Are Autism and Alzheimer’s related? A similarity between Alzheimer’s and Autism can be a matter of debate for some time. Especially after parents started to use Alzhiemer’s medications, the discussions started to rise.

The relationship between Autism and Alzheimer’s

# Autism spectrum disorder is seen in one of 68 children in America. For such a common disease, the American Drug Control Unit only approves the use of risperidone and aripiprazole. In these two medications, it is known that there are not very useful not for the main complaints of autism but for restlessness and agitation. This leads to the use of drugs not approved for autism in the United States, some of which are actually drugs for Alzheimer’s.

Disorders of the cholinergic system are detected when the autistic patients examine the brain tissues. In particular, structures called nicotinic receptors are accused of loss of quantity or function. Regarding glutamate metabolism, it is suggested that elevated glutamate peaks in the brain are associated with social communication and impaired interactions.That’s why, the answer of “Are Autism and Alzheimer’s related?” question looks like it is relatively negative.

## The work is particularly focused on two molecules. Galantamine and Memantine.

Galantamine acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and nicotinic receptor antagonism. Increases acetylcholine in the brain and alleviates cholinergic system imbalance by stimulating nicotinic receptors. There are scientists who think they can be used with risperidone. In the 4 controlled studies done, the autistic children were found to recover.

Memantine interacts with receptors called NMDA to regulate glutamate in the brain, helping memory and learning. Positive results were obtained in eight of the nine control studies.