Let us begin by clarifying what atypical autism means before clarifing what is causing atypical autism.Atypical autism is not a patient with symptoms of autism, but with a diagnosis of autism. Atypical autistic children are difficult to communicate. They can not fully understand what is said or respond exactly to us.

Disorders occur in the development of children with atypical autism. Children with atypical autism always repeat the same things as they talk. Children with atypical autism have socialization problems. However, under normal circumstances, it can be determined whether a child is autism up to the age of three, while the diagnosis of atypical autistic children is made later. A different possibility is that they do not have enough evidence to be able to diagnose autism.

What are the Atypical Autism Causes

# Atypical autism causes us to investigate the causes of atypical autism with the aim of curiosity. When responding to the cause of atypical autism, we are not mistaken when we first say that there are many genetic and neurological causes that cause autism. But it is also useful to know that most people with autism can not find the cause of the disease.

Autism is one of the most common problems in early childhood. When we calculate the odds for children with autism, we are not mistaken when we say that this ratio is 1: 1. Although some of these children have noticed an average of 8 months or so because of the symptoms they have shown, it takes 18-30 months to get a full diagnosis.

Autism is seen more often in boys. Problems seen in autistic children are grouped under three headings when they are based.

Qualitative disorders in social interrelationships

## Verbal or non-verbal communication disorders, qualitative impairments in games played at the same time.

Finally, limited attention or activity and repetitive movements are observed. Autism is classified under the heading YGB, ie, pervasive developmental disorder. The daily speech or language of routine use of autism spectrum terminology is still used instead of YGB.

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