We have been informed that autism is a genetic disorder and that it will not last a lifetime. But the reason for the increase in autism is not understandable.

The results of the research done for the autism cause cause are as follows.

Increase Causes of Autism Disease

# Autism is a question that is wondering why everyone is increasing. When this question is searched and the numbers are looked at it is observed that it is almost constantly increasing like an epidemic. Researchers investigating these have expressed their opinion that this is not the only genetic cause. As a result of the investigations done, the relationship between the brain and the intestine was of interest.

However, no one could understand the relationship between the intestine and the brain in the answers given to the question of are autism rates increasing. The research on this is further elaborated, and autism, which is defined as communication and connection disorder between brain cells, is also defined as brain development abnormality.

The reason behind today’s increasing autism rates

## In the present day when there are no serious developments in the way of being or being treated, children who develop normally until a certain age can be diagnosed with autism by encountering autistic findings. This causes great devastation for the families of these individuals.

When such families do not have enough medical methods for their children to heal, they are starting to turn to alternative medicine. Others are said to have almost exclusively directed their children’s treatment of their children by bringing medicines and vitamins from abroad, where their parents assume the role of a doctor.

When the point of view of psychiatry science is evaluated, there is no efficacy of unproven treatments known as alternative medicine except for special education for autism patients, but not in the literature, and they are not approved by specialist doctors in the field of such treatments.

Even those who practice such treatments are considered to have abused their children, whose parents are caused by the risk of children’s health conditions and the application of unconscious treatment methods. Such children are born and programmed in this way. It is aimed that children with autism should be educated 35-40 hours a week and special education and collecting.

For this reason, any treatment that occurs outside the control of the doctor causes the child’s health to fall, as well as the risk of autism.

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